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Tired   of   paying   an   Electric   Bill!   Yes,   who   isn't.   We   are   the   Guys   that   can   make   it   go away.   We   specialize   in   solar   power   and   efficiency.   With   40   years   in   the   building   trade and   more   then   16   years   in   the   Solar   business,   we   can   recommend   and   install   the   right products   in   your   home   and   business   to   make   your   electric   bill   go   away.   Call   us   at   (352) 303-8166   to   get   a   free   no   obligation   estimate   for   installing   solar   electric   power,   energy efficient products, or any of your electrical needs, large or small. Solar energy is free and environmentally friendly! We   specialize   in   Solar   Edge   power   optimisers   and   inverters.   Through   the   years   of   installing   solar   we   find   this   product to   be   ahead   of   the   curve   in   solar   technology,   for   monitoring   your   system,   technical   support,   price,   reliability   and installer   friendly   is   the reason.   We   find   Solar Edge    superior    to    all. The         Solar         Edge System             is             a combination   of   Micro inverter        technology and     central     inverter technology       in       one system.        A        power optimizer    mounts    at each    solar    panel    or two   solar   panels   and just     plugs     into     the panels.                Theses optimizers     plug     into each    other    and    then go   to   the   inverter.   The   benefits   of   this   system   is   the   safe   voltage   when   the   system   is   turned   off.   Most   central   inverter system   even   when   the   power   is   off   and   the   system   is   turned   off   has   almost   600   volts   with   deadly   amperage   which   is unsafe   for   repairs   and   to   the   Fire   Department   if   ever   needed,   Solar   Edge   system   will   equal   1   volt   per   every   solar panel   in   the   string   so   16   volts   or   less.   As   we   install   the   system   we   know   before   we   even   turn   it   on   that   it   is   hooked up   properly   by   making   sure   the   amount   of   panels   equals   the   voltage.   The   power   optimiser   is   the   most   efficient conversion   from   solar   DC   to   AC   and   you   can   monitor   every   panel   form   any   smart   phone   or   computer   in   real   time   as well as compare historical data collected to the web based site. We   have   installed   all   brands   and   system   through   the   years,   we   have   had   virtually   no   problems   with   any   panels   or any systems of any brands of equipment we have installed. All   manufacture   are   working   hard   to   be   the   first   and   the best     in     solar     equipment     that     all     panels     and     solar equipment   have   dramatically   improved   and   went   down   in price.   Adding   solar   to   your   home   increases   its   value,   because   of the   endless   benefits.   You   may   be   surprised   with   the   huge improvement   in   your   monthly   energy   bills.   Additionally,   if you   choose   to   sell   your   home   later   in   life,   you   may   get back   the   money   you   invested.   But   the   best   benefit   of   all   is the   financial   benefit,   After   your   system   is   paid   off   you   get free   electric   and   your   earn   interest   on   money   completely paid   back,   I   call   it   my   401S,   the   solar   retirement   plan   will earn   you   12%   on   your   initial   investment   risk   free,   nothing   the   stock   market   can   match   in   any   way.   More   information, feel free to give us a call at (352) 303-8166.